Miltos Ladikas (ITAS-KIT), Monte de Caparica
Ethics in Responsible Governance of S&T; a global perspective
Susana Moretto (PhD student), Monte de Caparica

Which relation with the high-­speed train technological development? A strategic intelligent management tool      

Supervisor:  Prof. A.B. Moniz (FCT-UNL)    
Co-­supervisors:  Prof. M.S. Pereira (IST-UTL), Prof R. Macário  (IST-UTL)

Jens Schippl (ITAS-KIT), Monte de Caparica

“Scenarios on eco-efficient transport for Europa:  a structured approach for involving stakeholders in TA processes”

Manuel Baumann (PhD student), Monte de Caparica

Constructive Technology Assessment of Stationary electro-chemical Energy Storage Systems: Methodological developments and first outcomes

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology – Institute of Technology Assessment and System Analysis, Universidade Nova de Lisboa - Faculty of Science and Technology

Supervisors:   Dr.-Ing. Marcel Weil
                          Prof. Dr. Antonio Moniz

Bettina Krings (ITAS-KIT), Monte de Caparica

Interaction of humans and machine – perspectives of Technology Assessment

Isabel Marques Rosa (CESNOVA, PhD student), Monte de Caparica

EEG – Um Instrumento para Avaliar o que se Consegue Ouvir?

Maria João Maia (ITAS-KIT e CESNOVA, PhD student), Monte de Caparica

“Decision-Making Competences: assessment approach to a  new model"

Torsten Fleischer (ITAS-KIT), Monte de Caparica

Nanotechnology as a Matter of TA: On expansions, reductions and distractions