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Book of abstracts (2015.12.10)

Addition to the book of abstracts (2015.12.14)

Invited Speakers:

Grégoire Allaire, Robust shape optimization with small uncertainties

Hugo Beirão da Veiga, On some regularity results for elliptic boundary value problems

Jean-Michel Bismut, Hypoelliptic Laplacian and the calculus of variations

Guy Bouchitté, A new class of costs in optimal transport planning

Giuseppe Buttazzo, Dirichlet-Neumann shape optimization problems

Doina Cioranescu, Homogenization for inner boundary conditions with equi-valued surfaces via unfolding

Carlos Conca, Detection of a moving rigid solid in a perfect fluid

João-Paulo Dias, Coupled nonlinear Schrödinger equations with a gauge potential

Patrizia Donato, Asymptotic analysis of the approximate control for parabolic equations with periodic interface

Irene Fonseca, A Chromaticity-Brightness Model for Denoising of Color Images

Ilaria Fragalà, Boundary value problems for the infinity Laplacian: regularity and geometric results

Gilles Francfort, Periodic and stochastic homogenization in linear elasticity

Antonio Gaudiello, Homogenization of the brush problem with a source term in L1

David Kinderlehrer, Coarsening in microstructure and the mass transport paradigm

Giovanni Leoni, Asymptotic Development by Gamma Convergence

François Murat, A semilinear elliptic problem with a singularity at u=0

Paula Oliveira, Viscoelastic biodegradable materials: modelling, mathematical analysis and medical applications

Andrey Piatnitski, Ground state asymptotics for a singularly perturbed convection-diffusion operator in a thin cylinder

Annie Raoult, Hierarchy of pre-strained behaviors for thin materials

José Francisco Rodrigues, On the free boundary in heterogeneous problems of obstacle-type with two phases

Luís Sanchez, Travelling waves and critical speed in the presence of nonlinear diffusion

Pierre Seppecher, Homogenization of highly contrasted elastic checkerboards

Adélia Sequeira, Toward a novel approach to the mathematical modeling of atherosclerosis

Luc Tartar, Developing mathematical tools for real continuum mechanics and physics

Contributed talks

Stefano Almi, A lower semicontinuity result for a free discontinuity functional with a boundary term

Nenad Antonic, Localisation principles for variant H-measures

Cristian Barbarosie, Smoothness of eigenvalues and eigenvectors of a matrix depending on parameters

Kresimir Burazin, Exact solutions in multiple state optimal design problems

Isabel Coelho, Heteroclinics for a mean curvature problem in Lorentz-Minkowski space

Flavia Giannetti, Some regularity results for integral functionals with variable growth conditions

Carolin Kreisbeck, Homogenization of layered materials with rigid components in single-slip finite plasticity

Léonard Monsaingeon, A new Optimal Transport distance between nonnegative Radon measures

Marco Morandotti, Formulas for relaxed disarrangement densities

Veronica Quitalo, On a long range segregation model

Lisa Santos, Existence and regularity of solutions of elliptic equations defined by the operator \nabla \cdot (a(x)\nabla)

Hugo Tavares, Existence and regularity of solutions to optimal partition problems involving Laplacian eigenvalues

Rodica Toader, Fracture models for elasto-plastic materials as limits of gradient damage models coupled with plasticity: the antiplane case

Igor Velcic, Homogenization of nonlinear shell theories in elasticity

Dmitry Vorotnikov, An evolutionary variational problem for image decomposition

Elvira Zappale, Integral representation results in BV x Lp


Omar Boussaid, Quasiconvexificaion of fucntions depending on two polynomials

Judith Campos Cordero, Regularity and sufficient conditions for strong local minimality

Simão Correia, Properties of minimal action solutions for a nonlinear Schrödinger system

Manuel Friedrich, A quantitative geometric rigidity result in SBD and the derivation of linearized models from nonlinear Griffith energies in fracture mechanics

Martin Jesenko, Closure and commutability results for Gamma-limits

Stanislav Kondratyev, On the bulk velocity of Brownian ratchets

Ilaria Lucardesi, The wave equation on domains with cracks growing on a prescribed path

Giovanni Maggiani, A dynamic evolution model for perfectly plastic plates

Mohamed Menad, Successive Approximation Methods for the Solution of the Fractional Euler-Lagrange Equation

Clément Mifsud, Hyperbolic boundary condition for a simplified model of perfect plasticity

Tatsuya Miura, Gamma-expansion for an adhesive obstacle problem arising from materials science

Atsushi Nakayasu, Crystalline curvature flow of a graph-like curve and corresponding obstacle problems

Gianluca Orlando, Lower semicontinuity of a class of integral functionals on the space of functions of bounded deformation

Niels Overgaard, Taut string algorithms and the ROF model

Adrien Semin, When a thin periodic layer meets corners : asymptotic analysis of a singular Helmholtz problem

Roberto Velho, Some numerical aspects on crowd motion - the Hughes' model