Here you can find pdf files of (some) talks and posters presented during the conference.

Invited lectures

Allaire, Uncertainties in the shape optimization: two deterministic approaches

Beirão da Veiga, On some regularity results for elliptic boundary value problems

Buttazzo, Dirichlet-Neumann shape optimization problems

Conca, Detection of a moving rigid body in a perfect fluid

Donato, Asymptotic analysis of the approximate control for parabolic equations with periodic interface

Fonseca, A chromaticity-brightness model for color images denoising

Fragalà, Boundary value problems for the infinity Laplacian: regularity and geometric results

Leoni, Asymptotic development by Gamma convergence

Raoult, Thin materials with induced metric

Sanchez, Critical speed to travelling waves in models with nonlinear diffusion

Tartar, Developing mathematical tools for real continuum mechanics and physics

Contributed talks

Almi, A lower semicontinuity result for a free discontinuity functional with a boundary term

Barbarosie, Smoothness of eigenvalues and eigenvectors of a matrix depending on parameters

Burazin, Exact solutions in optimal design problems for stationary diffusion equation

Coelho, Heteroclinics for a mean curvature problem in Lorentz-Minkowski space

Giannetti, Some regularity results for integral functionals with variable growth conditions

Kreibeck, Homogenization of layered materials with rigid components in single-slip finite plasticity

Monsaingeon, A new Optimal Transport distance between nonnegative Radon measures

Morandotti, Explicit formulas for relaxed disarrangement densities from structured deformations

Quitalo, On a long range segregation model

Tavares, Existence and regularity of solutions to optimal partition problems involving Laplacian eigenvalues

Toader, Fracture models for elasto-plastic materials as limits of gradient damage models coupled with plasticity: the antiplane case

Velcic, Homogenization of nonlinear shell models in elasticity


Semin, When a thin periodic layer meets corners : asymptotic analysis of a singular Helmholtz problem